Commercial Lithographic Printing

When it comes to mass-producing items such as booklets, brochures, envelopes, business cards, posters, and various other print-based products, commercial lithographic printing is the most efficient method.


Commercial lithographic printing, also called offset printing, is the preferred method at Rite Envelope & Graphics, providing speed and precision for all of our printing jobs.


The offset printing process begins by transferring the desired artwork to a printing plate, which is mounted on an offset press. The offset press then transfers ink to the printing plate, leaving the impression of your design.


Once the plate has been inked the image is transferred to the blanket which in turn transposes it onto your desired stock. The available options for stock are almost anything you want, ranging between a variety of types and weights of paper.


At Rite Envelope & Graphics, we take pride in using the best and most efficient techniques for all of our printing jobs, ensuring a standard of quality for our customers that is second to none.


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