Custom Business Envelopes in Baltimore

Competitive business owners are always on the lookout for something that can give them an edge on the competition. Company owners in Baltimore often turn to custom business envelopes to give them that edge.


Why envelopes? The answer is simple. Every day, millions of people sort through their mail and see mostly drab, generic-looking pieces that fail to attract their attention. But every now and then, they stop, their eyes transfixed by a stunning, clever, usually colorful envelope that beckons them to see what’s inside, and they can’t resist.


After opening it, they devour the contents to find out what kind of company sent it and see what it contains. Is it a free offer, notice of a special event, correspondence from an organization they already know well, or something else? Being able to make this kind of impression on a potential or current customer is what marketing is all about.


For Maryland-based companies and businesses that want to break into the local market, the most efficient way to start a marketing campaign is with custom business envelopes in Baltimore, the nation’s 20th most populous metro area and one of a handful of economic centers on the East Coast.


Maybe the city’s regional and national importance is why custom business envelope printing in Baltimore is such a thriving market. Companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to mega-corporations, realize that custom envelopes for business can turn a so-so sales effort into a hugely successful one. And in today’s uncertain economic environment, building a brand and making a name for your organization are of paramount importance.


If you are in search of the very best in custom business envelopes in Baltimore, educate yourself about all the different ways you can use the inherent power of the printed word, a colorful image, the feel of high-quality paper, and the unique look of a business envelope to transform your bottom line.

Why Custom Business Envelopes Make Sense

Custom envelopes for business turn routine correspondence into an unpredictable, exciting way to grab a potential client’s attention. It’s not easy to get noticed in today’s fast-paced, media-saturated society. People have their minds, eyes, and ears on hundreds of different things every hour. Breaking through the media morass can be a tough challenge. One reason custom business envelope printing in Baltimore is so popular among company owners is that it works. When done right, and done well, envelope design can get you noticed and remembered. That’s what branding, marketing, sales, and image are all about. Here are some of the key ways that business envelopes get the job done:


  • Using Front, Back, and Flap if Needed: Every part of a business envelope has the potential to carry a written message. Don’t limit yourself just the front panel.
  • Creating a Cohesive Visual Theme: Company owners can coordinate their logo, slogan, letterhead, and other visual components into a unified visual theme. Customers are more likely to remember such messages.
  • Using a Unique Envelope Size: The old standard, the #10 envelope, does a good job, but some campaigns get more mileage out of other sizes, either larger, smaller, or closer to square-shaped.
  • Exploring Full-Color Options: Color options are virtually limitless when it comes to envelope design. You can go traditional and keep things simple to create a certain image, or opt for brighter, popping color schemes to make a statement more in line with your desired branding goals.
  • Leveraging Customization and Branding Options There’s no need to fire on all cylinders 24/7/365. Often, it’s smart to vary your sales and marketing strategy in order to see what works best for your target customers. If, for example, you decide that custom printed business envelopes in Baltimore are the ideal way to attract new customers to a special event, you might want to craft a one-off piece that looks like a formal invitation, complete with an embossed RSVP inscription on the flap.Later, you might choose to send a less formal follow-up letter to those who attended, offering them a percent discount coupon on their first purchase. Changing things up and playing with the various customization options can be a smart way to grow your client base over time.

Deciding how to add custom business envelopes in Baltimore to your overall marketing campaign is up to you. The core component of that effort, however, is the envelope itself. As the saying goes, that’s where the rubber meets the road.


In Baltimore’s vibrant business environment, getting your name and image in front of the right people can add heft to your branding power and put money in your pocket.


Never underestimate the potential of good-looking, information-rich custom envelopes for business. If you are a global corporation based in Baltimore or a local start-up just figuring out how to capture a piece of your demographic, customized mail pieces can help you reach your target market.

Decide to Rise Above the Crowd

When you decide to stand above local competitors with custom printed business envelopes in Baltimore, you’re taking the first step toward creating a unique brand image that can last for decades. That’s because every factor that goes into a specialty mail piece has the potential to be a game-changer.


When you stop to think about it, something as simple as an envelope can make a deep and lasting impression on the person who receives it. The size, color, paper quality, images, and overall design carry a lot of information about your company.


Make a commitment to set your Baltimore-based organization apart by opting for high-quality, custom business envelopes for your next campaign. There’s no better way to build a long-lasting image in the eyes of your current and prospective customers. Our services in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, or Philadelphia, PA, are ready to serve you.


Contact us for a free quote on your next job and find out how affordable it is to build a solid brand identity. Custom business envelopes can make a world of difference. Leverage their power and watch your client base grow.