Convert-Only Services

Looking for envelope conversion? Your search is over. Rite Envelope & Graphics has you covered with in-house envelope conversions for every conceivable size. Have pre-printed stock? We can convert that for you as well.


Businesses have unique needs. Rite Envelope & Graphics produces a wide variety of stock envelopes that can meet most requirements. However, companies sometimes need custom envelopes. Whether for promotional or for functional purposes, our custom converted envelopes can fulfill those special stipulations.


Customers need convert-only services for a variety of reasons:


  • Unique Shapes or Sizes – Non-standard dimensions can set a company’s mailing apart from the rest of the pack, drawing the recipient’s attention. Sometimes, the envelope just needs to be able to accommodate unusually-shaped or sized contents. Either way, custom conversion can get the job done.
  • Unusual Windows – Whether used to display an address or to draw attention to special aspects of the envelope’s contents, custom windows can also serve to make a mailing more unique.
  • Embossing – When applying an embossed image to a stock envelope, resulting in a debossed image on the other side. To prevent the debossed image, the graphic must be applied while the paper is still flat, necessitating custom conversion.
  • Full-Color – Sometimes, companies opt for full-color graphics on either or both sides of an envelope. Multi-side images are best applied before conversion, as the seams can disrupt quality printing.
  • Custom Interior Tints – Printing on the interior of envelopes that are already constructed is impossible, meaning that it must be done before folding. Whether you have pre-printed stock or you have us print it for you, we can handle the conversion from there.


Have any additional questions about Rite Envelope & Graphics’ convert-only services? Give us a call at 610-981-2373 or contact us using our online form here.