Flat Sheet Lithography

When it comes to custom printed envelopes, the company you can trust is Rite Envelope & Graphics. While the two main practices of custom printed envelopes are offset and flexographic printing, we also utilize flat sheet lithographic printing. This is perfect for our customers who are in need of custom printed envelopes that require complete ink coverage on all sides, or just heavy coverage on one side.


One of the reasons why a custom printed envelope would need flat sheet litho printing is because most common envelope printing presses are unable to print full coverage on all sides of an envelope. For our customers with larger size and higher quality printing needs, this method is the perfect choice.


Flat sheet litho is also a better option for larger printing as regular jet presses have trouble printing heavy solids onto a made envelope. Often, the issues that occur are called seam marks and offsetting. Seam marks happen due to the combination of dense ink and the pressure created by print rollers, and offsetting occurs because of the dense clusters of ink applied to an envelope.


If you are looking for flat sheet litho printing for your next batch of custom printed envelopes, look no further than Rite Envelope & Graphics.