Jet Press Lithography

A majority of today’s envelopes are printed using an offset press, the most commonly used known as Jet presses. At Rite Envelope & Graphics, we operate a Jet press, which feeds envelopes up to 12×15 ½ in size and has the ability to print up to 30,000 envelopes per hour.


When it comes to deciding what type of printing is the right choice for your envelope job, the two main things to consider are quality and quantity.


Customers who need specific quality graphic images that contain either long, thin, or fine lines, tight registration, or halftone screens will usually require offset printing and in many cases, Jet presses will yield the best results.


In regards to the quantity of certain printing jobs, any job that ranges from 500 to 100,000 is best suited for Jet presses. For jobs that are less than 500, it will benefit customers economically to have the printing done on a digital machine.


Print coverage is where jet presses have their limitations. For designs that need either full coverage on the front and back or heavy coverage on either side of an envelope, they will most likely need to be printed on flat sheet litho, which we have available at Rite Envelope & Graphics. Call us today to learn more!